Wine as Art: Erin Hanson Inspires a Limited Edition Chardonnay

It’s not surprising that we drew the inspiration for this project when a few of Erin Hanson’s paintings were hung for a show in the cellar at Pelletiere Estate. We loved the way, through her work, Erin took a singular location – a time and a place – and transformed it into art. In a way, that‘s what wine is. Impressionism in a bottle. Both the winemaker and the painter constantly pursue the transient quality of sunlight. They pursue the balance of composition that brings almost a sense of motion to the canvas, or to the palate. They pursue textural elements that make the difference between a two-dimensional art form and one that is truly complex. Erin strokes layer after layer of paint on the canvas, building an interpretation of her site in the same way that a winemaker does with strokes of fermentation, lees stirring, barrels. The idea is for the artist – the winemaker - to share an impression of a landscape.

It was important, then, that Dorothy Jean be a wine made from one vineyard, one block, in a singular location. The Sierra Madre vineyard, planted in the 1970s, is a gem for winemakers seeking cool-climate fruit. The clones are old and the soil is dusty. Afternoon winds blow in from the ocean and carry through to the wine itself. Sunlight is captured. The Artist’s work is done. I am her.